Why some couple chose surrogacy over adoption?


With changing lifestyle and the increasing loads of stress and anxiety within the population, the health of people is also changing. One prominent change that is now being reported frequently is the infertility of men or women. Some people of old and traditional beliefs think that infertility is a disease and hence is looked upon. However, according to biological science, it has been revealed that infertility in either of the sex is a condition that renders the individual incapable of producing sperm or egg which are not fit for fertilization. This incapability can sometimes be caused by dysfunctional reproductive organs and even when the woman’s body cannot provide proper conditions for the embryo implantation and the growth of the zygote. However in some cases, with medicines and therapies, this has been cured. The chances are low though, especially in cases where there is a deformity in the reproductive organ by birth.

There rose many controversies with this problem and hence doctors came up with two ideas which would give a childless couple the chance to experience the happiness of being parents. Adoption or Surrogacy. Adoption is completely a legal matter and does not involve medical sciences on an entire level. Here the intended parents adopt a child either after his birth or later on from birth parents or from the orphanage. In most cases, an orphanage is preferred. There is no genetic linkage between the adoptive parents and the adopted child.


A childless marriage becomes no less than a curse in the life of couples.  With the number of infertility cases increasing, you will find many couples who go through various treatments just to make their due, am come true, to have their baby in their lap. Surrogacy has become no less than a blessing for such couples; this is a safe, secure, and easy way to start a happy family.

There are a number of clinics that provide the services of surrogacy clinic in Mumbai. With the help of a professional, you can easily get to know that how the procedure of surrogacy takes place along with getting all the support from the professional. There are many couples who have been able to complete their family with the help of surrogacy.

If you are pondering upon the idea of surrogacy, then let us have a look at some of the points that will help you to understand why surrogacy is the best option for you:

  • As not all the couples like the idea of accepting someone else’s child, thus for such people adoption is not an option. The IVF treatment is also not feasible for everyone as it is somehow risky and the success rate is also less in IVF. This is where the only option left is surrogacy. By opting for this option, you can have your own child as you will be just renting a womb.


  • The women that rent their womb for surrogacy are professionals. These are women that work with different surrogacy agencies; all you need to do is contact a professional and choose the women who will be able to rent you her womb for keeping your baby.


  • The procedure of surrogacy is completely safe and the success rate is also high in this as compared to the other options. By choosing the option of surrogacy, you can easily ensure that you will be able to have your own child. The entire procedure is taken care of by the agency that ensures that you are able to help your child as soon as possible.


  • There are legal documents that need to be signed, this helps you to ensure that the woman who will be renting her womb for your child, will have no right to make in the later future. The agency that you will hire will take care of all the legal documentation as well.


  • If you want your own baby, then the only option you have is surrogacy and it is certainly a matter of joy to get your bundle of joy, your own blood with the help of this procedure.

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Surrogacy is still a new concept for our society and largely misunderstood. Surrogacy is rare and is nothing like what shown on TV. If you are interested in surrogacy then collect whatever information you can get about it. Especially talk to the parents who have gone through this procedure. To help you prepare yourself for this most important decision of your life, here are 8 facts about having a baby with a surrogate :


If you are planning to get a infertility treatment then choosing a right fertility clinic is most important factor for you. Research is must for choosing right fertility treatment and fertility clinic. There are many fertility clinics across the country but not all of them offer good results. Going through a fertility treatment is already an emotionally overwhelming experience and you don’t want it become more stressful by choosing a wrong clinic. Here I give you 5 tips to choose a right fertility clinic :


IVF(In-vitro fertilization) is the most common fertility treatment performed these days in which egg and sperm are combined manually outside the body in a laboratory dish. Let’s have a look at 7 ways in which IVF benefits to infertile couples :

1. Blockages or damage in fallopian tube: Some women have blockages or damage in fallopian tube which doesn’t allow sperm to reach egg in uterus. For such women IVF provides option of having their own baby by fertilizing egg in laboratory and then placing the embryo back in uterus. The key advantage of IVF is it’s not necessary to put embryo in mother’s body always, you can use surrogacy if there are some complications with mother.


2. You can use donated eggs and sperm: In men, when sperm is not motile or sperm count is less, need of donated sperm may arise. In case of female when they fail to produce egg, donated egg can be used. Egg can be fertilized with sperm manually in lab to form an embryo and can be used in IVF treatment. IVF doctors says that chances of getting pregnant are very high in IVF as compared to other methods.


3. You can have baby according to your timings:  With IVF you can have control over when do you want to have the baby as per best IVF doctors in Mumbai . If you want to set your career first and want to postpone pregnancy, that is also fine. Eggs or embryos can be cryopreserved for future use. You can choose a time when you want to be pregnant.


4. Screening for inherited diseases : IVF doctors in Mumbai recommends IVF to people who have genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis, Huntington’s disease and muscular dystrophy running in their family. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis(PGD) is used to ensure that these genetic disorders don’t get passed on to the child. Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) analyzes cells from an embryo to screen for possible genetic abnormalities when there are no known genetic disorders in family.


5. Healthy Embryo: If you have more than one healthy embryo, these spare embryos can be used to help other people. If biological parents permit, unused embryo can be donated to another couple who are facing infertility. These embryos can also be used for research purposes.


6. After Chemotherapy: Women having cancer and being treated by chemotherapy can have children using IVF. Chemotherapy can damage or destroy eggs within ovaries. Best IVF doctors say it is wise if such women have their eggs harvested, frozen and saved for future attempts to have children after completion of chemotherapy.


7. Increasing Age: Women lose their fertility as they get older. After age of 30, fertility starts declining and it speeds up after 35. For such women, IVF gives better chances of having baby as compared to other treatments.


Every patient is unique so it is always better to visit the test tube baby centre in your city to get best possible solution for your infertility issue. 


Low sperm motility is when sperm is not able to swim properly and barely make any progress once ejaculated in vagina. It is one the major reasons for male infertility. Its getting more common these days among men because of changes in lifestyle. There are some treatment options available for this problem, some of them are listed below:


PCOS treatment revolves around medication and the lifestyle changes. As a first step, your doctor may start recommending weight loss through moderate exercise activity and taking the low-calorie diet.

PCOS Symptoms

It is a syndrome disease and the symptoms of PCOS can vary from patient to patient. Let’s check out the major symptoms of PCOS.

  • If you find an excess or unwanted body or facial hair growth

  • If there is any thinning hair on the scalp

  • If you are facing weight related problems, often including weight gain around the waist

  • Skin problems like skin tags, darkening skin and acne also indicate towards PCOS.

  • Irregular or missing menstrual periods

  • Infertility

Some women may also experience a further complication, if there is any Diabetes, Heart, Blood vessel, Uterine Cancer or sleep apnoea related problem you have.

Treatment option can vary from patient to patient because someone having PCOS may exercise a comprehensive range of symptoms while some may experience just one. The treatment options have been motioned below.

PCOS treatment also depends on your symptoms as well as if you wish to plan a pregnancy. It is essential to mention that there is no cure for PCOS but it lowers your risk of miscarriages, heart disease, uterine cancer, infertility and diabetes.

When it comes about PCOS treatment, you need to pay these following things, which help you a lot.

  • Make a schedule to do regular exercise since it helps you control or lose weight in order to feel better.

  • Add healthy diet having fresh fruits and vegetable. Apart from it, keep a close eye if you are eating the balanced diet or not. In your diet, it should be added whole grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits etc.

  • Stop smoking as it leaves bad effect on your body. You need to avoid it strictly.

  • Take medicines prescribed by your doctors

Apart from the above mentioned, your doctors may prescribe you a medication regarding PCOS treatment in order to

  • Regulate The Menstrual Cycle

  • Help you ovulate

  • Reduce excessive hair growth.

In order to regular MC, your doctors may prescribe the combination birth control pills, which hold estrogen and progestin. It is helpful to reduce androgen production and serve your body a break from the effects of continues estrogen. Apart from it, it also helps you to lower your risk of endometrial cancer as well correct abnormal bleeding.

In case, if you are interested to become pregnant, then your doctor may prescribe medication to help your ovulate. In this connection, Clomiphene is an oral anti-estrogen medication you need to take in the first part of your MC. But if clomiphene is not effective then metformin may be added in order to induce ovulation.

The birth control pill may also be recommended in order to reduce androgen production. One should keep in mind that regular check-up are very important to catching any PCOS complication. It also helps to treat PCOS. If one is suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, uterine or diabetes then it is essential to go for regular basis checkups.


IUI treatment is an effective method that is helping millions of couples to conceive where men have low sperm count. This is also helpful in conditions when couples face problems during intercourse. Intra uterine insemination is a medical process of culturing and inserting sperms directly into the uterus through reproductive organ, cervix. The effective IUI treatment in Mumbai is successfully performed with or without medicines, but it must be examined that the female patient should have one open fallopian tube. Before undergoing any treatment, both the partners are required to have some tests that ensure infection-free body.

Different drugs are used to stimulate ovulation however; they are not prescribed if there is a problem with male sterility as it may lead to multiple pregnancy risks. All the complications must be conversed in detail with a consultant. If you have any query regarding the treatment, you can clear it by asking the doctor. An estimated time of 2 hours are required to ready the sperm for insertion into female uterus, the male spouse of generally asked to eject his sperm several hours before the IUI procedure.

When the natural ovulation procedure continues, an unstimulated series of steps is going to happen and in this way doctors can track the procedure with the help of urine and blood tests. In this process, you are prescribed with drugs in the beginning of menstrual cycle that in turn stimulates the ovaries. Once ovulation has started, the male partner has to produce semen which is washed to extract the best sample. The healthiest sperm is then injected into the cervix of female body with the help of catheter tube. After 2 weeks of procedure, pregnancy test is done to confirm the results.

The process is time saving and takes only about 15 minutes. After this, the patient is allowed to take rest for some time to resume the daily activities. The women patient will experience slight cramping sensation during the process. IUI failure rate is very low but sometimes lead to infections in the body.

It is always considered that woman’s problems are responsible for fertility complications, but before starting the procedure both the partners are examined to reveal the correct reason.

There are several factors responsible for sterility like:

The ability of egg to implant in uterus

The speed of sperm to fertilize the egg

The quality of embryo or sperm

Block fallopian tubes

The cause can be any and devastating for the couple. IUI treatment in Mumbai proved as a holy grail for many pairs, it depends on age and infertility factors responsible for the problem. Before undergoing the treatment, it is important to discuss the problems with doctors. A professional doctor will tell you about the correct procedures and preventions needed to take prior to IUI treatment.

You can also visit Ankoor Fertility Clinic to get best services and ensured results. The professional doctors can help you to conceive your child in effective ways. Visit today!


Diagnosing with PCOS can be a shocking news for anyone, especially when you are learning about the health effects of this conditions. To treat the symptoms of PCOS doctor will provide you with only one form treatment, but there are ample of other treatments that are found to be very effective in treating PCOS.

Laparoscopic Ovarian Diathermy is one of the most common methods of treating PCOS symptoms. This is also known as ovarian drilling. In this process, the surgeon precisely burns certain areas of the ovary that stimulate regular ovulation and re-balance the hormonal secretion in patient’s body. Women who want to conceive child undergo this procedure. Although it is not a permanent solution but, continuous treatment with repeated steps can impact the women’s fertility.

Another effective PCOS treatment is type II diabetes drugs. The doctor can prescribe Glucophage or metformin to patient women, these drugs regulate the secretion of feminine hormones. Low blood sugar level is a normal health problem when people undergo this treatment. However, the truth is somewhat different. Glucophage drug reduces the increased insulin level, lowers down the excessive secretion of hormones in the body. It is nowhere linked with the blood sugar level of the patient. The increased secretion of estrogen will automatically reduce down the discharge of testosterone which is responsible for hair growth.

Some women take birth control pills to avoid pregnancy during PCOS treatment. These PCOS pills eliminate unwanted acne growth, reduce secretion of male hormone and stimulate women’s menstrual cycle. It is a time-consuming treatment. PCOS treatment in Mumbai is done by professional doctors only.

While taking PCOS treatment it is important to maintain healthy weight. Majority of women are obese, so it is essential to lose weight during the medications. If you are overweight, take these medications and lose weight stress-free. Losing mass by 10% body weight produce excellent results. Women who are capable of losing weight enjoy regular menstrual cycle and lessened symptoms of PCOS.

PCOS treatment in Mumbai is done by professional doctors only. If your doctor has not much information about the PCOS treatment, you can seek help from experienced doctor. One can also join PCOS support group to know about multiple PCOS treatments.

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