Things To Know About IUI Treatment

October 15, 2016

IUI treatment is an effective method that is helping millions of couples to conceive where men have low sperm count. This is also helpful in conditions when couples face problems during intercourse. Intra uterine insemination is a medical process of culturing and inserting sperms directly into the uterus through reproductive organ, cervix. The effective IUI treatment in Mumbai is successfully performed with or without medicines, but it must be examined that the female patient should have one open fallopian tube. Before undergoing any treatment, both the partners are required to have some tests that ensure infection-free body.

Different drugs are used to stimulate ovulation however; they are not prescribed if there is a problem with male sterility as it may lead to multiple pregnancy risks. All the complications must be conversed in detail with a consultant. If you have any query regarding the treatment, you can clear it by asking the doctor. An estimated time of 2 hours are required to ready the sperm for insertion into female uterus, the male spouse of generally asked to eject his sperm several hours before the IUI procedure.

When the natural ovulation procedure continues, an unstimulated series of steps is going to happen and in this way doctors can track the procedure with the help of urine and blood tests. In this process, you are prescribed with drugs in the beginning of menstrual cycle that in turn stimulates the ovaries. Once ovulation has started, the male partner has to produce semen which is washed to extract the best sample. The healthiest sperm is then injected into the cervix of female body with the help of catheter tube. After 2 weeks of procedure, pregnancy test is done to confirm the results.

The process is time saving and takes only about 15 minutes. After this, the patient is allowed to take rest for some time to resume the daily activities. The women patient will experience slight cramping sensation during the process. IUI failure rate is very low but sometimes lead to infections in the body.

It is always considered that woman’s problems are responsible for fertility complications, but before starting the procedure both the partners are examined to reveal the correct reason.

There are several factors responsible for sterility like:

The ability of egg to implant in uterus

The speed of sperm to fertilize the egg

The quality of embryo or sperm

Block fallopian tubes

The cause can be any and devastating for the couple. IUI treatment in Mumbai proved as a holy grail for many pairs, it depends on age and infertility factors responsible for the problem. Before undergoing the treatment, it is important to discuss the problems with doctors. A professional doctor will tell you about the correct procedures and preventions needed to take prior to IUI treatment.

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