8 Facts About Having a Baby With a Surrogate

December 26, 2017

Surrogacy is still a new concept for our society and largely misunderstood. Surrogacy is rare and is nothing like what shown on TV. If you are interested in surrogacy then collect whatever information you can get about it. Especially talk to the parents who have gone through this procedure. To help you prepare yourself for this most important decision of your life, here are 8 facts about having a baby with a surrogate :

1. Different types of Surrogacy: The first thing we should know about surrogacy is that there are different types of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the child is genetically related to the surrogate as the embryo is formed from surrogate’s egg and father’s or donor’s sperm. Whereas in gestational surrogacy, the child is genetically related to both parents, not with the surrogate.


2. Commercial Surrogacy: It is a form of surrogacy in which surrogate mother is given compensation other than reimbursement of medical and other necessary expenses. The other form of surrogacy in which surrogate is someone from friends or family and do not demand any compensation is called Altruistic surrogacy.


3. Legal Formalities: Legal formalities associated with surrogacy are highly complicated and laws for surrogacy are different in every country. You better hire a lawyer who specializes in reproductive law and possess good experience with similar cases.


4. Psychological preparation: Surrogacy is not an easy process. Everyone involved in this process should be psychologically prepared before going for it.


5. Choosing the right surrogate matters: Surrogate becomes very important part of the family for 9 months. It is very important to choose surrogate carefully to avoid any misunderstandings and confusions during the process. Choose a surrogate who understands your concerns about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a healthy baby.


6. Trial run: Surrogates undergo mock pregnancy before actual embryo implantation. During this process these surrogates are given medicines for estrogen as well as progesterone for two weeks, to make sure that lining of uterus responds properly before the real embryo transfer. This trial run or mock pregnancy confirms whether or not uterus responds properly and the surrogate is fertile.


7. Most people don’t understand Surrogacy: Stil most of the people don’t have proper knowledge about surrogacy so there is fair chance that you will be judged for this experience. Most often you will get looks of confusion or empathy from people. Prepare yourself mentally to face all kinds of reactions for people.


8. Cost: surrogacy clinics in Mumbai is definitely not cheap, this is why it is not for everyone. In this process, the major cost involved is compensation of surrogate, embryo transfer is relatively inexpensive. Check your budget and if it going to be sufficient. Being financially prepared for surrogacy is crucial to make this experience less stressful.

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