Dr. Manisha Joshi
Deep professional experience in Counselling in the fields of Assisted Reproduction and Fetal medicine

spread over 15+ years (since 1999)

Dr.Manisha Joshi
Dr.Manisha Joshi

Career Summary

  • Deep professional experience in Counselling in the fields of Assisted Reproduction and Fetal medicine – spread over 15+ years (since 1999)
  • Assisted renowned Fetal medicine specialists in Amniocentesis, CVS and Genetic counselling for beta-thal, DMD & other genetic disorders
  • Research and analytical orientation – have published several articles in Indian Medical Journal and medical books; refer Publications section below

Professional Experience

Medical counsellor & Consultant – Fertility Associates;             Mumbai –       Apr 2013 – to date

Consultant – Ankoor Fertility Clinic;                     Mumbai –  Aug 2016- to date

  • As a medical counsellor helped manage mental, emotional, psycho social and psychological issues of patients undergoing ART treatment
  • Employed different counselling techniques – CBT, REBT, DBT, person centered therapy, Beck’s anxiety scale, Marriage counselling & family therapy

CRA – Reliance Life Sciences (ReGenesis);                      Mumbai –        Feb 2008- Apr 2011

Worked as a Clinical Research Assistant to the consultant of Fetal medicine Department & to the Head of the department of Infertility & Assisted reproductive techniques on a consultant basis.

Key responsibilities and achievements in the Infertility & Assisted reproductive technologies area

  • Recording Case History of patients – clinical, obstetrics – performing preliminary investigations; counseling and guiding them to appropriate procedures such IVF, or IUI, or ICSI that would be beneficial to them.
  • An entire case study on endometrial TB with PCR technique was done which plays an important cause in infertility along with Dr Patki which is been published.
  • Successfully conducted a clinical trial on Recombinant FSH multicentric open label trial. Handled the role of sub investigator for this trial whose principal investigator was Dr. Patki – Head of the Department – from Sept 2009 till Feb 2010. The product is now successful in the market under the generic name Fostirel.
  • Participated in a clinical trial for B-hCG multicentric open label trial from July 2010.

Key responsibilities in Fetal medicine

  • The risk of Trisomy 13,18,21 by FMF software for Nuchal translucency along with first trimester screening & generating the risks.
  • Assisting in diagnostic procedures like Amniocentesis for high risk pregnancies
  • Providing Genetic counselling to patients

Research Analyst – G.G Hospital;     Chennai – Jan 2000 to Aug 2000

Worked as a Research Analyst with Dr. Kamala Selvaraj (renowned In-vitro Fertilization specialist and gynecologist in Chennai)

Key responsibilities and achievements

  • Assisting Dr. Selvaraj with Research, analysis and case paper preparation of different IVF and ART practices. Some of these are listed in the later section
  • Preparing information booklets and guidance sheets for different patients as part of community service.

Compiled information booklets for distribution in the community and walk in patients:

  1. Alarming signs in a pregnancy
  2. Maternal nutrition in the new millennium
  3. Physiological basis of pelvic floor exercises in stress urinary incontinency
  • Co-author of the following paper:

“A study on mullerian agenesis MRKH (Mayer–Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser) syndrome “

  • Submitted research papers in the following areas for establishing factors affecting IVF and ART practices in Chennai in the year 1999:
    1. Fibroids in infertility
    2. Preterm labor & premature rupture of membrane (Pprom)
    3. Pneumonia & TB in pregnancy
    4. Obstetrics & factors mother to infant transmission of HIV-1
    5. Malarial infection during pregnancy
    6. Is rising CS section inevitable
    7. Immunology in fertility
    8. Fetal wastage in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)
    9. Pathology of obesity
    10. Manual assisted reproductive therapy
    11. Pregnancy complications caused by cardiac diseases & hypertension
    12. Pre-eclampsia & eclampsia in pregnancy
    13. Chorioamnionitis & endometritis
  • Authored an article on Polycystic Ovarian syndrome.
  • Presented a paper on Auto immune disorders, 1998; Mumbai as a part of Post Graduate evaluation process in the symposium at Indian Institute of Science.
  • Attended a workshop on Neonatal Resuscitation at Ramachandra Medical institute in Porur, Chennai in 1999.
  • Presented a paper on “HIV in pregnancy”, February 2000; Chennai as a part of a seminar on HIV & Pregnancy, attended by the doctors and patients in the area at Ramachandra Medical Institute at Porur, Chennai.


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OFFICAL Educational Qualifications, Certifications & Publications

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  • Educational Qualifications & Certifications
  • Publications in Journals
Qualification Year University /Institute
Post-Graduation in Reproductive Endocrinology & Physiology 1998 University of Mumbai, India
Certification in Clinical Research 2008 Symbiosis Centre of Health Care, Pune, India
PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Research Methodology, Data management, GCP, Regulations in Clinical Research, 2015 Xavier Institute of counselling Psychology, Mumbai, India
  1. Khot Sanjeev, Joshi Manisha, “Male infertility–hope and Despair” in: IMA Mulund Branch Dec 2010- Jan-Feb-2011.
  2. Ameet Patki, Shashikant Umbardand, Manisha. Joshi, “Endometrial TB and infertility; Genital TB and infertility and How? Gita ganguli Mukherjee 2009
  3. Ameet Patki, Manisha Joshi –Genital TB and infertility in FOGSI journal2009
  4. Ameet Patki, Shashikant Umbardand, Manisha Joshi- oocyte and embryo donation: An Infertility manual-II: Kamini Rao 2010
  5. Ameet Patki, Manisha Joshi – Cytogenetics in male infertility 2011.
  6. Sanjeev S. Khot, Manisha. Joshi – PGD: Expansion of indications of technical and advances in Reproductive medicine and challenges solutions and break through Dr Gautam Allahabadia 2011.

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