Why some couple chose surrogacy over adoption?

February 23, 2018

With changing lifestyle and the increasing loads of stress and anxiety within the population, the health of people is also changing. One prominent change that is now being reported frequently is the infertility of men or women. Some people of old and traditional beliefs think that infertility is a disease and hence is looked upon. However, according to biological science, it has been revealed that infertility in either of the sex is a condition that renders the individual incapable of producing sperm or egg which are not fit for fertilization. This incapability can sometimes be caused by dysfunctional reproductive organs and even when the woman’s body cannot provide proper conditions for the embryo implantation and the growth of the zygote. However in some cases, with medicines and therapies, this has been cured. The chances are low though, especially in cases where there is a deformity in the reproductive organ by birth.

There rose many controversies with this problem and hence doctors came up with two ideas which would give a childless couple the chance to experience the happiness of being parents. Adoption or Surrogacy. Adoption is completely a legal matter and does not involve medical sciences on an entire level. Here the intended parents adopt a child either after his birth or later on from birth parents or from the orphanage. In most cases, an orphanage is preferred. There is no genetic linkage between the adoptive parents and the adopted child.

However surrogacy means with the help of medical science, a potential embryo bearer would be chosen who will carry the fertilized embryo for nine months and after the gestation, the child will be handed over to the indented parents. In this case, the embryo will have a genetic linkage to both the parents or in some cases of the faulty ovum, to only the male individual. But no matter what, there will always be a proportionate genetic linkage between eh offspring and the parents. The fertilization is done in vitro by IVF that assures the proper growth of the zygote. At 32- day stage, the blastocyst is implanted in the surrogate’s uterus from where the pregnancy goes on naturally.

There are certain reasons for which in present time surrogacy clinics in Mumbai is becoming popular within infertile couples rather than the practice of adoption. The reasons are:

  • Some people want a genetic linkage with their offspring. Think it to be a traditional belief or they want to have a look-alike features which the offspring, the couple choose surrogacy over adoption. Adoption doesn’t include the genes of either of the intended parent whereas surrogacy involves either both the intended sperm and ovum or any one of them.


  • In adoption, there are high chances where the birth parents can claim their rights over the child later on in spite of the legal agreement being drawn. However, in surrogacy, this is not a factor to get worried about since the agreement is being signed before the fertilization process and the surrogate mutually agrees to be the bearer.


  • Surrogacy takes on the full guarantee about the health conditions of the fetus and the child grown within the surrogate’s womb under the watch of the intended parents. This is however not the case in adoption and so health issues can surface in an adaptive case.


  • There is a warmer relation between the intended mother and the child in surrogacy but in case of the adoption, some impromptu moments of hesitation can occur.

Basically, these are the most genuine reasons for which couples are favoring surrogacy over the adoption process.

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