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What does egg donation in Mumbai mean?

Egg donation is a form of fertility treatment used by women who are unable to bear children with their own eggs. In egg donation, we use eggs that have been donated by an egg donor.

Donor egg program includes oocyte retrieval from healthy young donors after controlled ovarian hyperstimulation followed by IVF and embryo transfer in the recipient’s uterus.


What is Egg Donation in Mumbai Program?


Who are the Recipients of Egg Donation?


Who are the Egg Donors?


What is the success rate of IVF with donor eggs?

The success rate of donor egg IVF program is much better than self egg. I TCAN BE UPTO 50 -60 %. The clinical pregnancy and live birth rate is also much higher. This is because the donor is a young women with proven fertility.

How to Select the Right Egg Donor in Mumbai?


  • Age/Marital status/EDUCATION/OCCUPATION
  • Menstrual&Obstetric history (how many pregnancies she has had, when was the last pregnancy, any history of recurrent abortions, etc. to determine fertility potential)
  • Family history (history of any genetic/congenital abnormalities in any family member)
  • Personal history(habits like using tobacco, smoking, drinking, what is the contraceptive being used)

To look for donor’s ovarian reserve and presumption of ovum retrieval after hormonal ovarian stimulation

Investigations done before choosing Donor

Investigations done before choosing egg Donor

At Ankoor Fertility Clinic Mumbai, once donor’s profile is found to be appropriate after meeting our criteria, blood tests are carried out to screen for any hormonal abnormality in the donor, any major blood disorder and infections that can be transmitted to the baby. We also do blood tests of the donor’s husband to screen for any infectious diseases that may be transmitted to the baby if not screened early. Tests for genetic disorders may be done in certain circumstances on the recipient couple’s request.

Thus, at Ankoor clinic, utmost care is taken in screening the donors, and only health, fertile and disease free donors are chosen. When we have a patient in need of a donor egg/ oocyte, we chose a suitable one from our Donor bank after matching the profile of the lady in need of the donor eggs with the donor.

If there are special requirements of a couple, about the donor, then we try to meet these specific requirements also.

For example, A Brahmin couple may want only an educated, graduate Brahmin donor

Steps involved in Donor Egg Program

Steps involved in the Egg Donor Program in Mumbai

  1. Matching with donor
  2. Synchronization of menses of donor and recipient
  3. Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation of donor
  4. Recipient’s treatment to prepare the endometrium for implantation Oocyte retrieval from the donor
  5. In vitro Fertilization of retrieved oocytes with the recipient’s husband’s sperm /Donor sperm obtained from Sperm bank
  6. Culture of embryos
  7. Embryo transfer in recipient’s uterus and luteal phase support
  8. Serum beta HCG level on day 14

Egg Donation Process In Mumbai

Egg Donation Process in mumbai

Recipient’s Cycle

Recipient’s Cycle
  • Once the investigations are done and are normal and inclusion criteria are met with, the menstrual cycle of the donor and recipient are matched using oral contraceptive pills so that synchronization of cycles happens
    We start with tab estrogen after stopping the oral contraceptive pills to maintain the suppression and to start preparing the endometrium for implantation.
  • A dummy embryo transfer is done for the recipient at this stage to rule out cervical stenosis. If there is cervical stenosis, cervical dilatation is done on day 2 of periods in the next cycle. This helps the actual embryo transfer to be easy and atraumatic. (Atraumatic transfer increases the success rate of pregnancy in IVF cycle.)
    The donor is simultaneously started on injection lupride in the late luteal phase to shut down her natural hormones.
  • Once the donor gets her periods she is started on injections for ovulation induction.
    The estrogen dose in the recipient is progressively increased so that the endometrial thickness is in the range of 9-11 mm.
  • Once the donor’s eggs are ready hCG injection is given for maturation of the eggs and ovum pick-up is done between 34-36 hours after hCG injection. On the day of hCG injection for the donor, a progesterone preparation is started for the recipient
  • The donor’s eggs are fertilized with the recipient’s husband’s sperms. The resultant embryo is transferred in the adequately prepared uterus (estrogen & progesterone primed uterus) of the recipient between the 15th & 20th day of periods i.e. between the 6th & 9th day of starting progesterone. Specific tablets/injections/ vaginal preparations are given to the recipient in the luteal phase of the cycle to support the pregnancy.
  • A blood test (serum beta hCG) to confirm the outcome of the cycle is done on the 14th day after embryo transfer. If the blood test results are positive, the luteal phase support is continued and further instructions are given.

For couples not staying in Mumbai, the trip to Mumbai can be planned around the time of onset of periods for egg donation in Mumbai. Thus they will need to spend around 3 weeks in Mumbai. The total number of hospital visits will be around 8-10.


Why does IVF with donor eggs fail?

The donor egg program replaces the gamete of the female partner with a donor egg,. However the sperm and uterus is of the genetic ( intending) parent.

Very often it is not clear why the embryos do not develop in the womb properly but it could be caused by one of these reasons:

It could be chromosomes problems – many healthy-looking embryos have defective chromosomes. Or it could be because of the poor blood flow to the womb or any implantation problems in the uterus.

How do I prepare my body for egg donation IVF?

Preparing your body for IVF – take care of your health

This means both you and your partner should maintain proper weight, have balanced diet, abstain from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol and exercise regularly (but not excessively). Try to avoid stressful situations and find some time to relax.

How many eggs do egg donors give?

The exact number of eggs that are retrieved during a cycle varies, but is generally around 7.

How long is an egg donor cycle?

From the day you are chosen by a recipient, to the day of your egg retrieval is approximately 2 1/2 months. The calendar for egg donation cycles also depends on your availability and the timing of your menstrual cycle.

How much do donor eggs cost?

The cost of donor egg depends upon the type of donor profile that is selected by the intending parents. The more educated the donor, the higher is the cost.

What is the best age for egg donor?

The ideal age for an egg donor is between the ages of 23 and 35. Hence, we at Ankoor fertility clinic, try and take good young donors with proven fertility to improve the results of donor egg IVF. Sometimes it may take up to a few months to get a good donor who should match the profile of the intended parent.

Will a donor egg have my (the wife) DNA?

The baby’s DNA will only come from the egg donor and the sperm provider (HUSBAND). Hence the baby will not be genetically related to the intending mother but will be related to the genetically to the husband as his sperms are used.

Can a menopausal woman get pregnant with donor eggs?

After menopause, a woman no longer produces eggs and thus cannot become pregnant naturally. But although eggs succumb to this biological clock, pregnancy is still possible using a donor egg. The embryo formed with the help of donor egg can be transferred in the intending mother and pregnancy can be achieved.