Low AMH Treatment

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Anti-Müllerian Hormone or “AMH”, is a hormone which is  given off by creating follicles, which are egg sacs containing immature eggs. By measuring this with a blood test, it gives an thought on the state of ovarian reserve and what numbers of eggs are left in the ovaries. This will help you to determine whether and how urgently treatment is needed and how women may respond to a treatment.

What actually are the causes of low AMH?

AMH levels are determined by the number of developing follicles in your ovaries. The most essential determining element in the number of follicles is age, as ovarian reserve decreases after some time. Ovarian reserve starts to decrease in the mid to late 30s, and AMH levels have a tendency to be low in ladies in their 40s.

Age is not generally considered as a factor in low AMH. A few ladies keep on having high AMH levels into their 40s, while others have declining AMH levels in their 20s or 30s. This can be because of environmental factors, for example, cancer treatment, or down to inherited genetic causes. It is essential to discover the age of menopause in your family since this is often a good sign for the rate of your fertility decline.

Why low AMH causes infertility
Low AMH is an indication of a decreased egg reserve. At the point when there are less developing eggs in the ovaries, the possibility of a mature and healthy egg being released and fertilised  reduces. In age-related low AMH, the quality of the eggs may also be affected, as eggs accumulate mutations after some time. This implies that the chances of abnormal fertilization and miscarriage are increased.

Choose the right treatment for you
We offer milder treatment to treat patients with low AMH. Frequently when ladies hear that they have low AMH results; they are informed that they have to get high measures of stimulations to neutralize their low ovarian reserve. However, ladies with low AMH have a tendency to not react well to fertility medication, since they have low quantities of eggs. Moreover, high stimulation is related with gathering eggs with more chromosomal abnormalities which do not create viable embryos.

Our approach is more focused on the quality, not a number of eggs. We either utilize no or low measures of stimulation, concentrating on the eggs that are normally chosen by the body. According to the study, more natural approaches to treatment produce higher quality eggs and embryos. High stimulation also unfavorably impacts the lining of the womb. By utilizing milder techniques, the womb condition is more qualified to implantation.

High success rate of low AMH treatment
Low AMH Treatment

We have successfully treated many patients with low ovarian reserve that were refused treatment elsewhere or told that there is the only option was with donor eggs. Indeed,  we have successfully treated many patients with low AMH. We consult patients with various infertility problems, go to the core of the problem and advise accordingly. We have worked with thousands of patients with low AMH over the last decade using a combination of attentive personal care and advanced medical technology. Book an appointment today!