Simple Tips To Increase IVF & IUI Success Rates!


When starting the procedure of IVF, it is true that everything is now out of your hand and will be controlled by the specialists Nonetheless, there is still number of things you can do to increase the chances of a pregnancy and there are a number of easy tips for IVF/IUI success which you would definitely like to consider.

It would be good if you can manage to prepare the groundwork for your pregnancy at least 2 months before. But if you don’t have that much time then its better you begin late than never.

Keep in mind that the lifespan of both eggs and sperm is not more than 90 days. This states that actions you take now to enhance the quality and quantity of each will come to maturity about 3 months from now. Nonetheless, several things you do between now and then which will support.

Healthy Diet Plan

One of the ideal tips for IVF/IUI success is to follow a healthy diet plan. Wholesome nutrition is the prime factor, and taking organic nutrient-dense foods is necessary for healthy eggs and sperm. You must not take refined carbohydrates and trans-fats, strong drink like liquor and caffeine and make your diet plan including healthy whole foods, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. There are the variety of prenatal supplements are available which you can take after consulting with your IVF doctors in Mumbai.

Release Stress

Releasing stress is necessary to avoid negative effects on the major organs of the body, and usually, stress becomes the main cause of IVF process failure. It has been observed that those couples who desperately making efforts to conceive usually prove unsuccessful due to taking strain on their mind while on the other hand who do not make any extra efforts and almost forget about it are able to conceive easily. So, it is strongly believed that the strain is a restrictive factor for an unsuccessful IVF/IUI treatment. So you must try to control and lessen your stress levels as best you can. If your job profile is extra stressful, then try to take some time out and consider consciously about what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed! If it is the treatment itself which is causing issues, try to take a couple of days away with your spouse when you can. Does the reading, massage or gentle exercise help? Whatever suits you best, make sure you take them in action. There are even videos and CD’s available which are particularly designed for IVF/IUI patients to help relaxation.


Progressively, acupuncture comes in the top tips for IVF/IUI success. There is some proof to recommend that women who encounter acupuncture during the IVF/IUI procedure have a much higher success rate. Certainly, some fertility specialists now suggest acupuncture naturally and you may wish to ask your own best IVF doctor what her opinions are and if she can recommend a practitioner.

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