Why some couple chose surrogacy over adoption?


With changing lifestyle and the increasing loads of stress and anxiety within the population, the health of people is also changing. One prominent change that is now being reported frequently is the infertility of men or women. Some people of old and traditional beliefs think that infertility is a disease and hence is looked upon. However, according to biological science, it has been revealed that infertility in either of the sex is a condition that renders the individual incapable of producing sperm or egg which are not fit for fertilization. This incapability can sometimes be caused by dysfunctional reproductive organs and even when the woman’s body cannot provide proper conditions for the embryo implantation and the growth of the zygote. However in some cases, with medicines and therapies, this has been cured. The chances are low though, especially in cases where there is a deformity in the reproductive organ by birth.

There rose many controversies with this problem and hence doctors came up with two ideas which would give a childless couple the chance to experience the happiness of being parents. Adoption or Surrogacy. Adoption is completely a legal matter and does not involve medical sciences on an entire level. Here the intended parents adopt a child either after his birth or later on from birth parents or from the orphanage. In most cases, an orphanage is preferred. There is no genetic linkage between the adoptive parents and the adopted child.


A childless marriage becomes no less than a curse in the life of couples.  With the number of infertility cases increasing, you will find many couples who go through various treatments just to make their due, am come true, to have their baby in their lap. Surrogacy has become no less than a blessing for such couples; this is a safe, secure, and easy way to start a happy family.

There are a number of clinics that provide the services of surrogacy clinic in Mumbai. With the help of a professional, you can easily get to know that how the procedure of surrogacy takes place along with getting all the support from the professional. There are many couples who have been able to complete their family with the help of surrogacy.

If you are pondering upon the idea of surrogacy, then let us have a look at some of the points that will help you to understand why surrogacy is the best option for you:

  • As not all the couples like the idea of accepting someone else’s child, thus for such people adoption is not an option. The IVF treatment is also not feasible for everyone as it is somehow risky and the success rate is also less in IVF. This is where the only option left is surrogacy. By opting for this option, you can have your own child as you will be just renting a womb.


  • The women that rent their womb for surrogacy are professionals. These are women that work with different surrogacy agencies; all you need to do is contact a professional and choose the women who will be able to rent you her womb for keeping your baby.


  • The procedure of surrogacy is completely safe and the success rate is also high in this as compared to the other options. By choosing the option of surrogacy, you can easily ensure that you will be able to have your own child. The entire procedure is taken care of by the agency that ensures that you are able to help your child as soon as possible.


  • There are legal documents that need to be signed, this helps you to ensure that the woman who will be renting her womb for your child, will have no right to make in the later future. The agency that you will hire will take care of all the legal documentation as well.


  • If you want your own baby, then the only option you have is surrogacy and it is certainly a matter of joy to get your bundle of joy, your own blood with the help of this procedure.

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