What Are The Treatment Options For Low Sperm Motility?

September 29, 2017

Low sperm motility is when sperm is not able to swim properly and barely make any progress once ejaculated in vagina. It is one the major reasons for male infertility. Its getting more common these days among men because of changes in lifestyle. There are some treatment options available for this problem, some of them are listed below:

IUI (Intrauterine insemination) : In this process, best sperm is separated from other sperms and directly introduced near egg at the ovulation time. This way the sperm does not need to swim to fertilize the egg. Such low sperm motility treatments produce good results when carried out in best fertility clinics.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization): In this process, the sperm is extracted, egg is retrieved and both are manually fused in a laboratory dish in controlled environment.

Surgery: Scrotal varicocele leads to decreased testicular functioning causing infertility in 40% of men. Surgical repairs are recommended to treat this problem. Fertility clinics offer these surgeries as low sperm motility treatment.

Balanced diet: Absence of essential vitamins and minerals is caused by unhealthy diet and it can result into low sperm motility. Balanced diet, rich in all essential nutrients should be consumed in order to have quality sperms. This is kind of low sperm count treatment.

Avoid Extreme heat: Temperature of the testicles should be maintained less than overall body temperature because overheating of testicles can lead to low sperm motility. Frequent baths in hot tub or sauna should be avoided. Wearing tight underwear also increases temperature of testicles hence wear light and comfortable underwear.

Stress management : Stress is root of almost every health problem, infertility is no exception. Prolonged and untreated stress affects the quality of your sperm. To relieve the stress with yoga and meditation is recommended for quality sperms.

Lifestyle changes: Adaptation of a healthy lifestyle can treat the infertility and increase sperm motility among men. Avoiding junk food, sound sleep, regular exercise, organic food, stress management etc. can help you have a healthy lifestyle. Completely switching to healthy lifestyle can be an effective low sperm count treatment.

Use of sperm donor: If no treatment works and you cannot produce quality sperm, use of sperm donor is option for you. Select a healthy sperm donor and carry out insemination.

Infertility brings a lot of stress in life of a couple. Male infertility is most of the times related to pride and status by society hence it ought to bring great deal of depression to men. But there exists variety of treatment options to increase sperm motility and count. A proper medical consultation from Fertility Clinic can help you choose the best suitable option for you!

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