What is the Advantage of Having Semen Processing and Insemniation under One Roof?

May 26, 2015

Some centers have folliculometry (USG monitoring) facilities but may not have Semen processing facilities or IUI facilities; while a few may not have folliculometry (USG monitoring) facilities too. Thereby, the wife has to go to a radiologist or some other center for doing the follicular study (serial USGs) for 5 to 7 days depending on the growth of her follicle. Once the follicular rupture has been confirmed, the husband needs to give sample and it has to be processed (washed). If this centre does not have facility for the same, then the couple has to go to another center for getting the semen washed.

The processed and washed sample has to be carried back to the clinic doing the IUI. Thus all this leads to confusion for the patients as well s precious time is wasted in travelling and communicating at various centers. As a result of which there is tremendous stress and exhaustion for the couple. Also there may be reduced sperm motility, thereby decreasing the chances of conceiving.

At our centre, we provide everything from consultation to follicular monitoring, semen collection, preparation and insemination under one roof. This help us to attain better pregnancy and live birth rates.

Studies have shown that techniques for channelizing the positive energy and reducing stress increases success of IUI. Once such technique is “Accupuncture”. At Ankoor clinic we also have facilities for Accupuncture by qualified specialist too under the same roof. This can further boost your success changes.